Down Range Training Concepts is a Type 7 Class 1 Federal Firearms Licensed  Dealer/ Manufacturer of Firearms. We specialize in AR type rifles and can assist in building you a rifle to best suite your needs. Our staff has been using AR style rifles professionally as Police Officers on the streets, in the fields of battle as Soldiers and as responsible firearm owners for self-defense. With years of experience as operators and parts manufacturing we know what combinations of design and accessories are best suited for different environments.

We also carry firearms with a strong emphasis on Sig Sauer products due to their commitment to quality. We have other name brands available and we offer the unique opportunity in having a wide variety of firearms available to test to see what best suites you. We also specialize in FFL transfers.

Down Range Training Concepts offers a large assortment of AR parts and accessories for every aspect of your AR rifle. From Stocks, Receivers, Grips, Triggers, Barrels, Bolt Carrier Groups, Free Float Tubes, Handguards, Muzzle Devices, Optics, Slings and Armoring Tools to assist you in building your own specialized rifle.


Law Enforcement Department Rebuilds and Upgrades- We specialize in AR Patrol Rifle builds and upgrades. For agencies looking to outfit AR rifles for Patrol or Specialized needs, we can assist you in designing and outfitting a rifle to best fit your needs. We also offer Department Armorer Assisted Rebuilds to fit your department’s budget. Using your existing platform and serialized numbered receivers we can retrofit your rifle with new or upgraded parts, springs, barrels and stocks to keep your armory maintained and updated. Please call for a consultation.

Please call for pricing and availability.

Featured Products from Sig Sauer, Glock, Remington, Aero Precision, Leopold, Trijicon, B5 Systems Magpul, BCM, Midwest Industries and more