Technical Courses

Technical Courses-

Certified AR Rifle Armorers Courses – This course is designed for Law Enforcement/ Military Armorers and those who are interested in learning all technical aspects of the AR rifle system. During the course each student will have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics, system function, parts interaction of their rifle and will be able to replace all parts and perform upgrades as needed. Armorer Tools will be provided and replacement parts supplied as needed for firearms during this very hands on course. Students may bring parts kits to be assembled during the course. 3 Year Recognized Armorer Certification.

9 hours                 $295 Civilian Course 1 day Includes Tool Use, Small Parts Replacement, Armorers Manual

16 hours              $325 Law Enforcement/ Military Closed Course 2 Day Covers Select Fire includes tool use, Small Parts Replacement, Armorers Manual    (16 Hour MN Post Credit)

Course Requirements- No Live Ammunition is to be brought into the training environment. Bring your own rifle, Rifles can be rented for a nominal fee


Prehospital Trauma Casualty Care– This course is designed for non- medical personal to be able to provide immediate lifesaving actions before professional responders arrive. Whether you are at the range, hunting or just a responsible firearm owner you can find yourself in a situation where professional medical help is minutes away but immediate medical treatment is needed to preserve life. This is not a First Aid or CPR course but a hands on immediate action course with the specific emphasis on how to treat gunshot wounds and other penetrating trauma for the short term until professional help arrives.

4 hours                 $125 Includes Handouts and use of course materials

Course Requirements- Understand that the Use of Simulated Blood and Graphic Photos will be in this course, please wear appropriate clothing that may be permanently stained.


Civilian Active Shooter Response– This course is designed with an emphasis for places of business, places of worship and public places where large groups of people can be targeted. In light of all the tragic “active shooter” incidents happening around the country, organizations need to train their personnel to be prepared in case of an active shooter situation in their place of business, Employees and management need to be able to identify a profile of an active shooter, know how to respond to an active shooter or other workplace violence situation, be trained for an active shooter situation and create an emergency action plan and recognize the signs of potential workplace violence. This will also better prepare you on how to cooperate with the professional law enforcement response. These attacks whether as a result of workplace violence or terrorist related have occurred in all regions of our nation. Preparedness now by having a plan of action and realizing that this is a real possibility will help you overcome these dynamic situations.

Our staff will come to your place of business or place of worship for a sight survey. Courses are then arranged with your staff/ congregants to actively discuss best plans of actions, methods of response and immediate basic trauma care if in the event such a tragedy were to occur.

Prices available upon request to fit your needs