CEO-Paul Braun

Down Range Training Concepts was founded by Paul Braun. Paul brings together his experiences from the Military, Law Enforcement, Firearms Training, Firearms Manufacturing and Public Safety Equipment Retail over the course of his career. Paul is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and held positions on his agencies SRT, HAZMAT and Protection Services Unit as well as the department weapons armorer. He holds Armorer and Master Armorer certifications for many platforms and spent several years as the Chief Instructor for a Major Rifle Production Company. He has written Firearm User Manuals for different firearm manufactures, conducted Test and Evaluation for the Israeli Ministry of Defense Procurement Program and preformed research and development evaluations for many carbine parts and accessories. He continues to work alongside skilled machinists for new production ideas and improvements to AR style rifles and armoring tools.

Paul is a part time instructor for the Sig Sauer Academy based in New Hampshire where he travels the nation training Law Enforcement/ Military and select civilians. Also he teaches for a Technical College Law Enforcement Program providing POST certified weapons training. Paul also conducted for the civilian community training at multiple skill levels as Director of Operations for Final Option Training.

Paul’s extensive military career as an MP includes Protective Security Detail Team Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Senior Instructor Cadre for the Recruit Sustainment Program and is a Combat Veteran of the Iraq war. Paul holds professional certifications and is a member of the National Tactical Officers Association and the NRA. He is also a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician.

CIO-Ronald Saxton

Ron brings experiences from Military and Law Enforcement, Ron is a Police Officer with the City of Hill City, he also spent 11 years in the Minnesota Army National Guard with the first 9 assigned to the 34th Military Police Company in Stillwater, MN in those 9 years Ron start as a platoon leader then moved onto executive officer where he was responsible for assisting and developing training plans and training guidance for the soldiers in the unit. He deployed to Iraq in 2009-2010 with his platoon where his platoon has conducted many convoy missions, along with the primary mission of securing the Entry Control Point at their base. His last 2 years were spent at the 34th Infantry Division Headquarters in Rosemount, MN in the Provost Marshall Section. Ron has run many ranges and training courses for all levels of soldiers. He retired honorably in 2015 as a Captain where his last position was the Operations Security Officer for the Provost Marshal section.

Ron has been instructing conceal and carry classes for over 15 years now, and certified over 7000 citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment right to carry firearms. Ron is also the Director of Public Safety in Hill City, overseeing the Police, Fire and EMS Departments.

Ron military experience includes Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Operations Security Officer and he is a veteran of the Iraq War. Ron also obtained the Silver German Armed Forces Efficiency Badge which including various events like firearms, ruck marches, swimming, etc.

Additional Instructors

Rob Benes

Lucas Carlos

Mark Meyer

Markie Meyer

James Hanek

Farrel Ward Jr

Farrel Ward Sr

Jordan Zempel

Kyle Seraphin