Maximizing Human Performance in Dynamic Environments

Down Range Training Concepts reality training is based on years of experience, knowledge and proven techniques. These aspects brought together allow us to have comprehensive training at all levels of prior experience. Our dedicated instructors have extensive Law Enforcement, SWAT and Military Backgrounds which offers to you experience from defending our Nation overseas and on the streets here at home. We will take you through your first steps in firearm ownership to challenging your skillset with the next level of training. Our technical and shooting courses have been formed with years of experience to develop you the skill set to defend yourself, protect your loved ones and ensure that your equipment is ready for when the time chooses you. We are dedicated to giving you the full value of your training.

Down Range Training Concepts also offers a variety of Firearms from our pro shop. We are a Class 7 FFL Manufacture and our staff will help you put together a complete AR type rifle to best suit your needs. We also offer the best top brand firearms for you to choose from with the guidance of our professional staff.

Our goal is simple- we want you to maximize your performance when faced with dynamic environments